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Boosh Movie Director Confirmed?

29 Mar

© Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images Europe

The Mighty Boosh may have lined up their regular collaborator Paul King for directorial duties on their forthcoming movie, according to The Times.

There was little doubt that King, who directed all three seasons of the tv series and their last two live tours would  be in the running for a return to the Boosh fold.

But with his star in the ascendent thanks to Bunny And The Bull and the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, there was a strong possibility Paul would be fully booked up when the time came to film.

However, in an interview today with The Times to promote Bunny…, King commented on the progress of the film, and his hopes to fill the director’s chair.

Julian and Noel are up and running in writing for The Mighty Boosh film that I hope I may direct. I hope they succeed in writing the great script that I know they’re capable of writing. I don’t see why that should spell the end for the Boosh. I don’t think they’ve outstayed their welcome. They’ve been doing it for long enough now and they don’t seem to be running out of ideas. I think most people think that because they talk about pop stars all the time it’s aimed at 17-year-old Goths but really it’s got great heritage and a much broader appeal than that. If things go well they could break out to an even wider audience.

You can read the full interview now over on The Times website, and Bunny And The Bull is available on dvd & blu-ray now.

Editors note – thanks to duryea on the Boosh Forum for alerting us to this story!


29 Mar

The latest film in the JackalFilms project is now online!

Birdhandler stars the ever-brilliant Tom Meeten as an egg-eating avian fanatic with a very special creature in his care. Written by (and co-starring) Alice Lowe, and directed once again by Jacqueline Wright, Birdhandler is another fine treat from JackalFilms – and had me in hysterics within minutes. There’s a great little twist and cameo appearance at the end, and Alice sure knows how to gurn with the best of ‘em!

Watch it below, and check out the other JackalFilms projects on their website.

Onion Talking: Holly-Jane Shears

29 Mar

© Sarah Maher

Holly Jane Shears is one half of electropop duo DeadDogInBlackBag, together with her partner in crime Suzy Evelyn. She’s also a member of spoof Madchester band Wingnut, together with Steve Oram & Tom Meeten, and regularly plays as part of prog-folk band Circulus alongside Antony Elvin.

With DeadDogInBlackBag set to support Robots In Disguise on the Brighton leg of their UK tour on April 8th, {tickets here} we caught up with the lovely Ms Shears, to find out a little bit more about her work, collaborating with Rich Fulcher and her cameo on The Mighty Boosh, as well as a little bit more about the lady herself: from her obsession with long dead historical royalty to life in the wonder of Michael’s Garden.

Here, then, are her onion peelings.

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Moose tonight: line-up change

29 Mar

Walkabout's DownUnder Bar, tonight's venue

We wanted readers of The Velvet Onion to be aware that there’s been a change to tonight’s ‘Stand up and Deliver Gang Show’ at the Amused Moose.  Details of the show can be found on the Amused Moose website.

Last week we reported that Noel Fielding was on tonight’s bill; unfortunately he’s now no longer performing.  However, its still worth going along to check out some brilliant new up and coming comedians, and who knows, maybe discover the next big thing. Confirmed names are  JAMES MULLINGER (compere), LUISA OMEILAN, SAM JOHN, JOANNE LAU, RACHAEL FIRTH, SION JAMES, DAN HOY, ALYSSIA KYRIA and special guest MILES JUPP.  Tickets are only £5 and can be bought on the door.

Our sources tell us that Noel did however squeeze in a sneaky gig at the Covent Garden Comedy Club on Saturday night, so it’s still worth keeping your feelers out if you haven’t managed to catch him yet.

Bunny And The Bull – Out Now On DVD & Blu-Ray!

29 Mar

© Warp X / Optimum Films

Bunny And The Bull is released on dvd and blu-ray today in the UK.

The film, directed by Mighty Boosh director Paul King, stars Edward Hogg & Simon Farnaby as two flatmates, Stephen & Bunny. Stephen (Hogg) is a profoundly neurotic young man suffering from a recent bout of agoraphobia, recalling a disastrous vacation in Europe with his friend Bunny (Farnaby).

Bunny And The Bull also features cameo appearances from Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade, plus a soundtrack from The Ralfe Band.

While none of the online retailers seem to list the extras for the dvd or blu-ray, we can confirm the following additional features.

* Audio commentary by Paul King & members of the cast.

* Paul King’s guide to the film.

* Interviews with the cast & crew.

* Behind the scenes featurette.

* Bloopers reel.

You can buy both from all good retailers now, but if you can’t wait to go to the shops, you can order them via & The Velvet Onion Store below.

Order Bunny And The Bull [DVD]

Order Bunny And The Bull [blu-ray]

Order Bunny And The Bull Soundtrack CD

The Velvet Onion contributor BabyOnFire gives her view on the release below. Click to read more…

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