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The Facts Of Fielding

23 Mar

© Absolute Radio

Noel Fielding was interviewed earlier today for Absolute Radio, as part of promotion for tonight’s Teenage Cancer Trust gig.

During the gloriously informative interview, Noel discussed a series of hot topics, including his status as an ambassador for TCT, his abandonment of Twitter, a denial of the rumour circulating around his alleged appearance in the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, and, naturally, his new hairstyle!

The Twitter talk seems to confirm what we already suspected, with Fielding citing the strange and sometimes personal attacks on people around him as part of the reason he’s given up on it.

He told the interviewer he enjoyed using the social networking site but: “You have to be careful, because people on those things are quite mean, or they’re quite rude, or they’re quite personal, or they invade your space a bit.  I tried to be quite enigmatic and have a little bit of a barrier but its quite difficult to do that.  It’s not me so much.  I don’t mind.  I take it with a pinch of salt, but sometimes people write weird stuff on there that affects other people and you think: ‘Oh, what am I doing this for?'”

Regarding Boosh plans, he confirmed what we already knew – there’s no plans for a fourth series, but a film and an album are in the pipeline.  Yet again the words “concept album” are bandied about, with extensions of current Boosh songs plus new tracks linked by some kind of narrative.

Talk of a second film, which began in recent interviews, is clarified somewhat in that they have two ideas in the pipeline, and when asked about a possible trilogy, Noel replied: “Hopefully we can just do lots!”  Fielding also suggested one idea for the film(s) is a Rocky Horror style musical, which backs up rumours last year of a possible hook up with shock-rocker Alice Cooper.  Here’s hoping!

You can see the full interview for yourself over at Absolute Radio’s website, or if you’ve clicked too many times as it is, you can see it right here.

Clarks Exclusive!

23 Mar

© Dan Clark

The Velvet Onion are very excited to announce that we have received an exclusive tip-off about the forthcoming Clarks night on April 3rd!

As you should all know Dan Clark has been spreading the word via Twitter and Facebook about his ‘Extra Special Guest’ that will be appearing on the night along with Paul Foot, Pete Yohansson, George Ryegold and also  regular musical guest Ben Parker. We have also heard from quite a reliable source that Mr Fielding, friend of Dan, may be making an appearance on the night!

This only adds an extra pinch of brilliance to what is a guaranteed great night out and not to be missed with amazing comedy, a cosy, intimate venue and of course, a bar! What else do you need!

Tickets are going fast so to snatch up yours you can get them here.

Review to follow soon after!

Digital Stowaways

23 Mar

©Angel Ceballos

DeadDogInBlackBag will be supporting Robots In Disguise at their forthcoming gig in Brighton.

The electropop duo, who’ve spent the past year underground, have reemerged in the last week with an exclusive photoshoot via American photographer (and friend of the Onion), Angel Ceballos – a shot from which you can see in this article.

Now the pair are back with longtime friends RiD for a one-off performance at Brighton venue Digital. Tickets are available here.

Hopefully its the first of many more to come, and with a DeadDogs album in the pipeline, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments.

For other Robots In Disguise tour dates, see an earlier peeling.

Big Name Drop

23 Mar

© Teenage Cancer Trust

Noel Fielding has appeared in a hilarious video highlighting the Big Name Drop campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Big Name Drop is an attempt to get the name of the TCT out there in whatever way you can.  Signs, stickers, conversations, get two mates and dress up as giant T’s and a C… whatever you want to do, as long as people are made aware of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

For more info, visit the Big Name Drop on Facebook, and you can view the video here.

Noel appears as part of a star studded comedy line-up for TCT at the Royal Albert Hall tonight.


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