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Aping About

16 Mar

© Dave Brown

Memories of the first national Mighty Boosh tour are the key to a string of recent uploads on Dave Brown‘s new photoblog, Apenclosure.

Yet more fresh photos of the Boosh Boys in action are now up for viewing.

Apenclosure is Dave’s latest pet project – a chance for him to display pieces of his own photography that he’s particularly proud of, from a variety of subjects.  If you’ve not checked this site out yet, you don’t know what you’re missing – it’s a fascinating glimpse into an artist’s craft, and offers unrivaled access to the Boosh archives to boot.

Visit the Apenclosure now –

Spicks And Specks

16 Mar


Rich Fulcher is to appear on Australian quiz show Spicks And Specks.

The show, presented by Adam Hill, is the Australian equivalent of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and is generally taped the week before transmission on the ABC  TV channel.  This week’s episode airs on Wednesday at 8:30pm, and its safe to assume that Rich’s appearance will be shown at the same time in a couple of weeks.

Rich tweeted his appearance was forthcoming last week, and is attending a taping of the episode this evening.  His most recent Tweet on the subject suggests he may be in character as Eleanor.  We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more about a transmission date!

For more info, visit ABC TV’s official Spicks And Specks website, which will no doubt be updated after transmission this week.

UPDATE: We originally told you the episode may be on air next week.  It appears it’s a few weeks off yet – stay tuned for more info!

Noel Tweets His Last?

16 Mar

Sometimes, deciphering Noel Fielding‘s Tweets is nigh on impossible.  What has seemed to be incoherant ramblings, however, has turned out to be related to his new material – Fielding using the social networking site almost as a virtual post-it note to remind himself of an idea he can return to later.

His latest Tweet, however, is also somewhat cryptic.  The first part is simple enough – a plug for the new Julia Davis/Jessica Hynde pilot this weekend we told you about on a few days ago.  But the latter part is open to debate.

It certainly appears to suggest Twitter has outgrown its usefulness to Noel.  Whether this is due to his material being virtually complete for the time being, the string of negative messages he (and his partner) have been receiving in the public stream, or just that he’s gotten bored of updating it we may never know.

Time will tell if this really is the last glimpse we get into the workings of his mind, but it’s been a pleasure enjoying that crazy, madcap world of his, even for a little while.  And if this is the end, how sweet of him to plug a friend’s work as his final sign-off. Come back soon.


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