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Blonde Ambition

13 Mar

© Annat. Hosted by The Velvet Onion.

Noel Fielding‘s gigs at Just The Tonic this weekend appear to be drowned out in a sea of controversy over his unusual choice of hair colouring!

The bleached blonde comic has had Facebook groups created in memorium of his hair, but we at the Onion are kinda liking it. And besides, we’re here for the news about their stellar work, so lets just look at the picture and make our own minds up, eh?

Regarding his actual material, friend of the Onion ‘Annat’ was on hand for his Friday gig, and had this to say…

It was about one third to a half old material, and it all went down pretty well with a very nice mixed crowd there tonight, with only a few crazies and hardly any heckling.

He over-ran, of course – the whole set was about 50 minutes or so. The last part was all new – or at least to me. His cat, Poirot in his hair, quite a nice routine about flamingos and another about a jellyfish.  Quite a lot of nice flights of fancy which don’t really go anywhere but they are really nice to listen to…. if you have that frame of mind, though I had the uncomfortable feeling though that many in the audience saw him as a curiosity.

Check back soon, when we’ll have more views from our regular peelers who are attending tonight’s show right now!


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