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Fresh Ape

12 Mar

© Dave Brown

Dave Brown continues to update his new photoblog, now entitled Apenclosure, and today’s treats included a string of Boosh images.

Julian, Noel, Mike, Rich and Dave himself have all been represented in never before seen shots from Dave’s archives, and with the promise of more to come, if we were you, we’d be visiting on a regular basis. Check em out now!

Barratt Saves

12 Mar

Julian Barratt has joined the Save 6 Music campaign, as one of many celebrities to post a birthday card to the ailing radio station via Facebook.

BBC 6 Music, which faces closure as part of BBC cutbacks, has been given mass public support and celebrity campaigning for its continued existence.  The Facebook group currently has over 158,000 members, and Julian’s design, along with more from the likes of Rough Trade Records, Damien Hurst, the Glastonbury festival and rock star Bobbie Gillespie, are viewable on the page.

As we reported yesterday, Julian has joined Adam Buxton for a pilot episode of a new radio series for 6 Music, which is due to air in the coming weeks.  We’ll give you a date of transmission and an iPlayer link as soon as we can get them!

Editors note: Thanks to “Aggie” for this news!


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