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Growing Roots

11 Mar

© Jackal Films

Roots, the comedy short from Alice Lowe and Antony Elvin is now available for viewing on YouTube.

The latest in the ongoing JackalFilms project premiered late last month, as we reported at the time, but due to technical difficulties it was delayed from appearing anywhere other than industry website Shooting People.

Now, at least, the short can reach a wider audience.  Including you.  Yes you.  Just look below this text to see it for yourself.  Enjoy.

See previous films from Alice and her directorial partner Jacqueline Wright, including their BBC3 pilot show Lifespam on their official YouTube channel.

The Doctor And The Tour Whore

11 Mar

Rich Fulcher was interviewed by Australian radio station Triple J earlier this week, as part of promotion for his appearances down under in An Audience With Eleanor The Tour Whore.

The show, written and directed by Rich and Dave Brown, is in the middle of a week of sold-out dates in Adelaide, before moving to Melbourne for a four week residency, as we reported recently.

Fuclher’s interview with the station’s dj The Doctor is available online via the station’s website.  Rich can be heard to tickle your earfancies eight minutes into this lovely link we’ve made for you. Enjoy.

Editors note: thanks to “Bannoffee Pieface” for this link!

Big Mix Tape

11 Mar

Julian Barratt is the special guest of comedian and dj Adam Buxton in the pilot episode of his new radio series, Adam Buxton’s Big Mix Tape.

On his BBC 6 Music blog, Buxton revealed his plans for the show.

It’s supposed to be kind of like a compilation tape that I’ve made for the listeners with a different theme or mood each week. The pilot Mix Tape is called Øddens and features some of my favourite weird but accessible music by both well known and less well known artists. The show is 2 hours so it’s divided into two sides with a guest joining me for an hour to add their own tracks and just talk generally about any other rubbish that comes up.

For the pilot episode my guest is Julian Barratt from the Mighty Boosh, who is not only one of my favourite actor/comedians but is a big music fan himself and likes weird music almost as much as he loves jazz.

The series, of course, depends not just on the success of the pilot, but also on the future of 6 Music, which faces an undecided fate at present.  As has been widely reported in the UK media, but perhaps unknown to our international readers, the BBC announced plans to close the digital radio station as part of enormous cutbacks to current services.  There has been enormous public outcry, with a #Save6Music topic regularly trending on Twitter as numerous household names lend the campaign their support.  It does remain to be seen, however, if the channel will be saved – but we live in hope!

For more info on the pilot, which is to be recorded tomorrow, with a hopeful broadcast in the next few weeks, visit Adam Buxton’s blog. Adam is also looking for ideas for question topics, so if you’ve got anything you’d like to grill Julian on – nows your chance!

Editors note – thanks to “Burntbroccoli” for this link!

Noel’s The Tonic

11 Mar

© Dave Brown

After a string of mind-changing announcements, we can confirm that Noel Fielding WILL be appearing at London comedy venue Just The Tonic this weekend.

And what a saga his appearances have turned out to be!

The announcement first came on March 6th, as we reported to our faithful readers that day.  Fielding’s promo shot was touted on the official JTT website, and all was tickety-boo.  Until, that is, his photo and name were mysteriously withdrawn, and replaced with a ‘Very special mystery guest’ slot.

No-one was convinced however, and matters were made more convoluted when Leciester Square Theatre, which houses Just The Tonic, announced Noel’s appearance in their email.  Our sources had already indicated the show was a dead cert, but there were many involved who didn’t want the Fielding Fanbase (or, to be more acurate, what Boosh fandom ‘affectionately’ dub the ‘OMGs’) to turn up en masse and bias the audience in his favour.

Other comedy blogs and websites soon started reporting on the possibility of Noel’s appearance… even TimeOut London got in on the act yesterday.  Now, with the weekend virtually sold out – Just The Tonic have announced on Twitter that we were right afterall.

There may still be tickets available direct from the venue.  Noel will be joined on Friday by “a very special guest” {another one! This time we genuinely have no idea!}, Noel James, and Greg Burns; and on Saturday by Andre Vincent, Noel James, and Pat Monahan.  For more details, visit Just The Tonic’s website.

Members of our team may be on hand to fill you in on all the details – so check back this weekend for reviews if we can get ‘em!


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