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The Savage Canvas

9 Mar

Julian Barratt is to feature in Tim Hope‘s short film The Savage Canvas, according to popular website International Movie Database.

The piece, which is also to feature Hyperdrive star Stephen Evans (who appeared in Barratt’s recent directorial debut Curtains), will reunite the Mighty Boosh star with animator and music video director Hope.  The pair previously worked together on cult web series The Pod, and Hope was also involved in the Mighty Boosh episode Eels.

You can see more of Hope’s work via the official website of Passion Pictures, who are responsible for the film.  It’s a flash-based site, so we can’t link you directly, but you can find the videos under the ‘Commercials’ banner you’ll find at this super duper linky.

Editors note: thanks to “HellOnHighHeels” for this info!

Clarks Returns

9 Mar

Friend of The Boosh Dan Clark [aka Johnny Two-Hats] is to return to The 100 Club in London for his stand-up night Clarks.

The star of BBC sitcom How Not To Live Your Life returns on 3rd April, with Paul Foot, Pete Yohansson, George Ryegold and, in Clark’s own words on his Twitter account: a “VERY VERY SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST HEADLINER!”

Tickets are a mere ten pound, and available from WeGotTickets by clicking right here on this handy linkage.

Glinner Pics

9 Mar


The IT Crowd creator and writer Graham Linehan has posted images of the cast presumably out on location during filming of the forthcoming fourth series on his Twitter account.

Linehan, who posts under the name Glinner, uploaded iPhone photos of Matt Berry, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Chris O’Dowd to his Yfrog account throughout today.  You can see the lot right here.

Whilst location filming is underway, most of the hard work is yet to come.  As we reported last week, the main body of filming takes place in front of a live studio audience every Friday for five weeks starting March 26th.  Tickets are available on application from SRO Audiences.

After battling scurvy for the entirety of the third series, there is currently no news on Richmond’s condition.  If the uber-goth is sighted on set later this month, we’ll let you know asap.

More Mighty Japan

9 Mar

A few weeks ago, we told you about The Mighty Boosh coming to dvd in Japan, with the announcement of series 1 across two volumes on April 21st, with series 2 to follow on May 26th.

Amazon Japan has now uploaded images of the series 2 covers, and we can confirm that the series is indeed split across both volumes, seemingly with no extras to speak of.  Sadly, there’s no Japanese dub – the episodes remain in English audio, with subtitles.  There is currently no news of a release date for series 3, but we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to Boosh fan and Japanese culture expert “Brainshortcake”, we’ve learnt that the first two series are currently being aired on satellite channel Fuji TV in Japan, and has been on air since January.  At present, the episodes are being shown Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm!  Each series has a page on Fuji’s website – click here to see the first series, and here to see the second.

Collectors worldwide, and Japanese fans desperate for their digitised Boosh fix, can pre-order the discs via now.

Series 1 Vol.1 [Killeroo, Mutants, Bollo, Tundra]

Series 1 Vol.2 [Jungle, Charlie, Electro, Hitcher]

Series 2 Vol.1 [The Call Of The Yeti, The Priest And The Beast, Nanageddon]

Series 2 Vol.2 [The Fountain Of Youth, The Legend Of Old Gregg, The Nightmare Of Milky Joe]

Meet and Greet at TCT

9 Mar

If you still haven’t got round to buying tickets for the forthcoming TCT comedy night on 23rd March featuring Noel Fielding (amongst others), you can now bid to meet the comedians backstage afterwards.

The Teenage Cancer Trust is running an online auction at, where you can bid for exclusive seats or a ‘meet and greet’ with your heroes.  If you’ve got some spare cash lying around (!), why not put in a bid?  It’s for a brilliant cause, and who knows – you might even win!


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