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Bunny and the Bull – DVD and Blu-Ray release

31 Jan

Bunny and the Bull DVD and Blu-Ray set to be released on 29th March! You can pre-order from any decent DVD/Blu-Ray provider!!

Pre-order now at Amazon: Bunny And The Bull [DVD] Bunny And The Bull [Blu-ray]

Eleanor Comes To Oz!

31 Jan
Eleanor and Matt
Eleanor interviews Matt Horne at NME awards launch party

Eleanor is to Appear at the Adelaide Fringe from 9th to 13th of March.

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

31 Jan

Order now from Amazon: The Peter Serafinowicz Show [DVD]

Tomorrow sees the long awaited release of The Peter Serafinowicz Show on dvd.  The music for the series was scored by the mighty Matt Berry, who also appears in several sketches, and its genuinely one of the funniest sketch shows in years.  The dvd contains every episode including the Christmas Special, and lots of deleted sketches and out-takes.  Check it out!

Order now from Amazon: The Peter Serafinowicz Show [DVD]

Robots In Disguise need your help!

31 Jan

Electropunks Robots In Disguise are halfway through recording their new album, but funds are preventing them from finishing it.  In an ingenious move, they’ve turned to their fanbase for help. Donations reap rewards, ranging from a cd for a tenner right up to a house party gig anywhere in the world for £10,000! See the list for yourself, and if you’re a fan with a spare wad of cash, go help them out at this handy link.


The Persuasionists

31 Jan

Simon Farnaby is currently appearing in the BBC2 sitcom The Persuasionists every Wednesday at 10pm.  The show, which costars Adam Buxton and Iain Lee, is available a series catch-up on the BBC’s iPlayer service, so if you’ve missed the first three episodes, you can get up to speed fast.

Check it out on iPlayer @ this handy link we’ve made.

If you like what you see – the good news is you’ll be soon be able to preorder via Amazon, with an expected release in July: The Persuasionists [DVD]

Jackal Films

31 Jan

Alice Lowe has teamed up with the director of her BBC3 pilot LIFESPAM, Jacqueline Wright to launch Jackal Films – a new production company dedicated to bringing you weird and wonderful comedy shorts.  There’s a new film promised every month, and they’re available for viewing via the team’s website and Youtube channel.  The films will feature several familiar faces for Boosh fans… with Simon Farnaby, Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, James Bachman and Barunka O’Shaughnessy being amongst the regulars.

Follow the link below, or check out some of our early favourites featuring the wonder of Kitty Litta.

Jackal Films

Youtube Channel for JackalFilms2010

Howdy Crowdy

31 Jan

Welcome to The Velvet Onion, a new blog designed to enlighten you in the ways of THE MIGHTY BOOSH, and various comedians, actors and musicians associated with the show.

The plan is to be an easy access point to find out the very latest news from the Booshniverse.  Hopefully, this will be worthwhile, useful, and maybe even entertaining.  Till then, I’m gonna make you wear your momma’s dress.  Stay classy.


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